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Life of A Punter

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Life of Punter

Life of A Punter

Have you ever wondered how a Life of a Punter is? Well, Spaculus Software Pvt. Ltd have designed and developed an exciting application which facilitates online betting for football lovers! You can get all the Football Betting Tips at just one click! The punters are usually seen betting on the hunch. But, now it's time to change!

Special Features:

  • This application basically educates the punter on various effective Betting Strategies & Money Management.
  • The application allows you to collect the statistics of the bets along with some expert analysis and tips. There are a lot of teams that have existing trends.
  • With this application, you can make consistent gains that will add up over the while season.
  • This application allows you to stay in constant touch with everyone through chat room for punters.
  • Also, the user is kept well-informed of any changes in the bets due to red card, heavy rain, etc.
  • The user can easily check for best leagues, create their own statistics and view the results.

How It Works:

  • Create your own Stats section to view whatever statistics a punter wants.
  • The application provide in-play tips that are separated into Best Bets and Watchlist tips.
  • Join Live Chat rooms to discuss matches and bets as they happen or Download Life of a Punter app so that you can receive notifications directly on your phone of any bets placed or changes in bets.
  • Use of Rolling ACCA (ACCUMULATOR AREA) allows you to turn $20 to $500, $1,000, or more.

The structued method to betting will make the user a long-term successful punter. The approach will help in structuring the bets and set a proper stalking strategy.

Take a look at the strategy flow:

  • Set a Gameplan
  • Identify the Best Bets
  • Choose a Stalking Plan
  • Pre-Match vs In-Play Betting

If you’re looking to create your own Sports Betting Website but don’t know how to, don’t worry!You have come to the right place as we’re the specialists in this mushrooming field.

Call us today at +1-210-209-8360 or Send us an email at :

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