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Cloud Computing

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Cloud Computing Analysis

Cloud Computing : Move Your Business to Cloud

We all have heard this name Cloud Computing! But still it is unknown to many! Cloud Computing is defied as sharing resources rather than having local servers or devices to handle an application. There are many Cloud Computing services available but it depends on your company's requirements. The cloud service provider can host your enterprise applications and data on its servers and storage systems. Users gain access to SaaS applications using a Web browser. And your company would typically pay a fee per user per month.

Cloud Computing Applications

Traditional business applications have always been very complicated and expensive. The amount and variety of hardware and software required to run them are high. When you use cloud computing, you can avoid those headaches. The shared infrastructure makes everything easy and you have to pay for only much that you need. More and more companies are moving towards cloud computing after knowing its reliability and security. Companies like Customer relationship management, HR Management, Accounting are using cloud computing.

At Spaculus, our goal is to apply cloud computing and provide high-performance computing power to our clients, as cloud computing promises several attractive benefits for companies and users. Clients only have to pay for the CPU cycles, storage space and bandwidth they consume. Some of the popular cloud providers include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, IBM/SoftLayer and Google Compute Engine.

Grow with Spaculus! Let Spaculus help you take the next step!! You can trust our experts to help your current state to transforming to a new phase of service-oriented environment. Get Secured and controlled data and applications across your cloud environment. Decide your cloud strategy and migrate your applications proocesses to the cloud.

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