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Real Time Chat Apps Development

Real Time Chat Apps Development

Want to build your own Real Time Chat Application?

A large number of people are connected to their smart phones and this has proved to be the preferred method for instant communication in personal as well as professional life. But, when it comes to the communication within a corporate premises, it is difficult to maintain the decorum of the firm because there is no administrative control over certain things. For instance, the company cannot see whom their employees are talking to or the messages they exchange. Nor they can check whether the exchanged messages are truly professional or private. Sometimes, this leads to cumbersome situation. Hence, using right internal communication app is essential.

Spaculus offers one-stop solution by providing real-time chat apps development similar to WhatsApp and Viber to fulfill the requirement of small and big enterprises. We have highly skilled team who creates iOS & Android Chat Apps using XMPP protocol and enact the best approach in building your app.

Why Choose Spaculus for Real-Time Chat Apps?

Our mobile app development team has expertise to sort out your various back-end system needs and ensure that user's data requirements are fulfilled in real-time through mobile devices 24x7.

  • End-to-end encryption, access management and authorization.
  • Full admin access (Download & View chat history, media, PDFs and other files)
  • Host data on a cloud server to scale up mobile app's accessibility
  • Use of Ejabberd server to facilitate instant message transfer
  • Supports multiple users in a single chat room.

General Features of Real Time Chat Application

  • Social Integrations
  • Group Chat
  • Share Your Location
  • Multimedia Sharing
  • Voice Messaging
  • Video Calling
  • Push Notification
  • Offline Messaging
  • Online Presence Indicator

With the above features, you can connect to multiple users at any given time by using different communication mediums. The enterprise or business can monetize the end user experience, which is helpful for them to maintain the market position.

Does your organization need to develop an app?

Spaculus chat solutions offer XMPP based real time chat apps development with various features. This will bring you closer to the user and offer them exactly what they want. Get in touch with us and build your own corporate internal chat application today!

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