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Practice Confidence

Practice Confidence

Practice Confidence application is basically made for behavioural health, featuring online notes, scheduling, billing, electronic claims, medical records, and more! One can easily manage and store patient notes electronically and has evolved into an online practice management hub.

The application allows you to store patient notes electronically, so that they are easy to access safely and are well organized as well!

Highlighted Features:

  • The application provide a rich experience for client interaction and management.
  • The Calendar system provides you with the information needed to tackle your day at a glance while our automated invoice system leaves no holes in the billing and payment flow.
  • All the data is secured using the most modern encryption standards to keep data secured on all sides.
  • The web interface allows the system to update and fix any pesky bugs with zero downtime or updates to download.

A Brief Idea On How Does It Work:

Manage Your Workflow

The calendar keeps all the records of tracking doctor schedules, patient appointments, corresponding notes, and billing. The To-Do list will keep track of what notes need to be written, so you can't forget.

Notes from Patient & Other Details

The notes have been uniquely designed for psychology, therapy, and psychiatry, catering to specific needs of each profession. Powerful and robust, yet quick & simple, the notes are the most important part of this application.

Electronic Billing

The application allows to seamlessly integrate billing features including electronic insurance claims, ERA payment posting and credit card processing.

Compliance and Security

The To-do reminders make sure you don't skip important notes and tasks. The print notes for patients are easy to retrieve.

Patient Portal

The clients can view appointment availability and request appointments online.

Technical Support

All the backups and updates of the application are done automatically. Whenever a client need help, unlimited support is included.

Spaculus Software Pvt. Ltd. has done excellent work on various Appointment Scheduling applications. We have been working on this niche since many years! Come to us if you are looking to develop an online client-management system for your business. We help you with creative and innovative web solutions!

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