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Sports Betting Websites & Apps

Designed and Developed Sports Betting Websites for Arbitration and Matched Betting.

Sports Betting Application & Apps

Sports & Betting

Sports betting and online gambling have opened doors to ever-evolving market where gambling enthusiasts can play and bet online without having to be trapped in an old, dingy room. As the technology utilized for building dedicated sports betting websites and mobile apps grows sophisticated, it becomes more and more feasible for bettors to stay updated on sports events even on the go.

On the other hand, 21st century offers tremendous opportunities for gambling investors and sports betting business owners. Sports betting software developers enable online gamblers to track their play status, control risk factor and update their account details from the comfort of their premise. Independent of your location, sports bettors and online gamblers can place their bet conveniently using user-friendly sports betting websites or mobile apps.

Being versed in digital solutions, Spaculus has developed brilliant, highly functional and feature-packed sports betting websites and online gambling mobile apps. If you have an idea, we can help you transform it into profitable reality.

General Features of Betting Websites:

  • Personalized user Profiles and Bio
  • Facility to predict any instance of Sports event
  • Unique provision of features for major football games like AFL, NFL, NHL, NBA
  • Inclusion of bets on Major league matches like EUROS, Tennis majors, Formula 1, Barclay’s premiership, UEFA, etc.
  • Risk Calculation and profit estimation
  • Player’s betting status and gambling history
  • Seamless interactions with other users
  • Useful live updates and notifications during the game
  • Display of offers and promotions for individual bettor
  • Social sharing and private messages

Why Choose US:

The reason why sports betting business starters should rely on Spaculus can be summed up with the following attributes:

  • A wealth of talented sports betting software development specialists
  • Industry-leading practices that reflect quality, competency and professionalism
  • Years of proven experience in the area of sports betting software development
  • Thorough testing of the product before final delivery to ensure highest quality
  • Strong commitment to meet the deadline
  • Excellent open communication with precise understanding

Take a look at following applications designed and developed by Spaculus Software Pvt. Ltd.


1) Play & Brag

Spaculus Software Pvt Ltd has designed and developed online betting application “Play & Brag” that allows the user to challenge their friends to their own private Fantasy sports leagues and play.

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Life of a Punter

2) Life of a Punter

Have you ever wondered how a Life of a Punter is? Well, Spaculus Software Pvt. Ltd have designed and developed an exciting application which facilitates online betting for football lovers!

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Clash of Fans

3) Clash of Fans

Spaculus Software Pvt. Ltd. has made an excellent web and mobile application named “Clash of Fans” that combines the classic fantasy football platform with an MMO giving the users a new and more competitive experience!

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4) Fantasy

Spaculus Software Pvt. Ltd. has developed a new style of mobile fantasy gaming application named “Fantasy Gauntlet”. In an ever-evolving market with users constantly looking for different ways to expand their gameplay,

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